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My 1994 Black on Black Twin Turbo 300ZX, photographed along Hwy 1 near Los Angeles


I can say that this is most amazing car I've ever owned. Its so beautiful in appearance and in engineering. I bought the car in March of 2002 from a lady in San Jose, CA. She had certainly treated it with respect, it had never been in an accident and was completely stock (no modifications). It was garaged all its life and only had 54,000 miles on the odometer. Interior wise, it was totally unmodified and had the stock sound system with the Bose in-dash slot load CD player. It had a totally back interior with black leather to match the totally black exterior. My dream car.

Of course, after a while, I wanted to learn more about the internals of this fine machine so I began doing some modifications, starting with simple jobs, to gain more comfort working with this seemingly VERY complex car. This began with just changing my oil, filter and drain plug gasket every 3,000 miles, but has lead to much, much more. Even with all these modifications, the car shall remain totally stock in appearance. I dislike aftermarket body kits, wings, etc, with only the possible exception of some the things from the Japanese model of this car. It has a nice front bumper and tail lights.

This purpose of this web site is mainly as a documentation of all my work I've done to the car. It will contains large amounts of pictures, text, statistics, parts reciepts even fuel logs (yes, I've logged EVERY time I filled the car with fuel). I hope this will be a useful resource for others if they want a little extra guidance to encourage them to do work on their Z's and also just general interesting reading. If its detailed technical how-to's your after, others have solved that problem and have excellent documents on other sites. I will link to these and not duplicate their efforts. I may supply detailed technical how-to's on more obscure topics not covered by others. Enjoy my site, and thanks for your interest in my work!


  • Custom air horn installation [72057 miles]
  • JWT air filter installation [72270 miles]
  • Painting of brake calipers [72277 miles]
  • J-Spec taillight & center panel installation [72300 miles]
  • Trunk lid panel replacement [72310 miles]
  • Stainless Steel Brake Line Installation [72470 miles]
  • Apex'i Blow off valve installation [73551 miles]
  • The HUGE upgrade session [74168 miles]
    • Engine and transmission removal
      • Useful reference shots for others
    • Stock turbos (interesting reference material)
      • Useful reference shots for others
    • General engine work, including:
      • Injector orifice cleaning
      • Timing belt installation
      • Auto tensioner fixup
      • Water pump installatation
      • Timing belt cover painting
      • Valve cleaning
    • Plenum disassembly and polishing
    • Fuel system work, including:
      • Fuel pressure sensor installation
    • EGT Sensor Installation
    • Nismo 555cc injectors
    • Sport 500 turbos
    • Greg Dupree Downpipes, including:
      • Heat insulating tape wrapping
    • Borla Exhaust System
    • A-pillar with Greddy Gauges
    • RPS Clutch and Flywheel
    • Complete Engine and Re-installation into the Z
    • Minor transmission cleanup
  • "Aquamist" water injection installation [xxxxx miles]
  • Miscellaneous

    • Log book (contains every fuelling, upgrade, oil change, etc.)

    • ClubZ - My local bay area Z club!
    • TwinTurbo.net - Great technical how-to resources. Also good classifieds section.
    • Georges' Import - Order your Aquamist Systems here. Prompt, amazing service and good prices.
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