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In 2004, I purchased a Miller Syncrowave 180SD TIG welding machine and have ben welding regularly ever since. The type of welding projects have ranged from random ornamental items to performance car parts, like an aluminium intercooler for a turbo charged 4AG engine and stainless exhaust parts.

I am comfortable welding:
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
Contract Work

I am happy to take small contract welding jobs, i.e. drop off some parts with me and I will weld them for you, as you specify. If you prepare the parts, i.e. strip paint, wirebrush/sandblast this will save me time and thus reduce cost. All work orders must be clearly specified. When I commit to finishing your work by a certain time, I always meet my commitments.

Contact me at "james" at "jamesmccombe.com" (I can't put my actual address here, so as to avoid spammers).


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